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Hewitt Ultra Dock Aluminum 4' Width

Hewitt Ultra Dock Aluminum 4' Width

The Leading Edge of Dock Innovation

Do you need a tough dock like the Roll-A-Dock, but don't have the beachfront to roll it in for seasonal storage? The UltraDock is the solution for you! The frame is made from tube construction for the ultimate structural support and superior clean lines. It can also be quickly disassembled and tucked away for the winter without taking up a large amount of space. UltraDock??s modular design makes adding on or changing the configuration easy. Choose from three sizes: 4??x8??, 4??x12??, or 4??x16??. Adjustable screw legs available in sizes ranging from small 24?? to 34??, medium 36?? to 50??, or large 54?? to 87??. The 4??x8?? sundecks are available to make platforms and larger platforms.

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