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Pelican Boracay NXT 10.4 Inflatable Paddle Board

Pelican Boracay NXT 10.4 Inflatable Paddle Board

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The Boracay NXT 10'4 inflatable paddle board is ideal for beginners who want to discover the sport this summer. The Drop Stitch construction ensures great rigidity, durability and stability. The Boracay NXT 10'4 is the perfect solution for easy transportation and limited storage space. The removable 9in. fin will provide better tracking and enhance the performance of the board on the water. Comes complete with a carry bag, pump, leash, a phone dry pouch and a paddle, you're ready to hit the water and make a few people jealous along the way!

Functionalities & Materials

Complete Accessory Package: Our complete package comes with 3-piece adjustable paddle, a coiled ankle safety leash, a dual action air pump, a smartphone dry pouch, a removable 9 in. fin and a repair kit. Everything fits a premium transport bag with padded shoulder straps and a waist belt for easy transportation.

Durable: 6 in. thick and made of military drop stitch construction the Boracay NXT is durable and abrasion resistant. This material will make your paddle board last through time.

High Weight Capacity: The drop stitch technology can create inflatable structures and components with very high stiffness. With a maximum weight capacity of 250 lb., this board will not bend in the middle.

Storage: This inflatable SUP includes a front storage platform with a bungee cord, perfect to bring your essentials on the water. The Boracay NXT 10'4" is a great option for camping trips, boating, and paddlers with limited storage space.

Lightweight: At only 18 lb and with convenient carrying handles, this SUP is really easy to carry on your own.

Material: Drop Stitch



Platform: FJ10
Max weight: 250 lb - 113.4 kg
Length: 124 in - 314.96 cm
Height: 6 in - 15.24 cm
Width: 32 in - 81.28 cm


Key Features


The adjustable paddle makes it easy to customize the paddle length to suit your needs. The paddleboard is designed with a straight tracking fin to make it easier to stay on course while out on the water. With its comfortable design and helpful features, this paddleboard is the perfect choice for a fun and enjoyable time out on the water.

Ease of use and safety

Inflating the paddleboard is a quick and easy process, taking no more than a few minutes. Once deflated, it can be easily stored and transported, making it a great choice for trips away. The paddleboard also comes with a coiled ankle leash for added security, and provides excellent stability and good foot stand-up grip for a safe and comfortable experience.


The new Boracay NXT features a bungee cord that is adjustable to hold a drybag, meaning you can conveniently store your gear in one place. This feature provides a great way to keep your gear safe and secure when you’re out on the water. The board also includes a waterproof phone pouch, making it easy to take pictures of those incredible memories on the water.

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