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Torqeedo TorqLink throttle with color display

Torqeedo TorqLink throttle with color display

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With its bright, easy-to-read colour display, this new throttle is the perfect control for your TorqLink-equipped Cruise 10.0 system. It displays all critical system data at the push of a button and boasts infinitely variable forward and reverse in a high-tech design. And it has Bluetooth built in for easy connection with TorqTrac, the Torqeedo smartphone app.


Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 R

TorqLink is Torqeedo’s advanced electronics communication system developed for Deep Blue and now available for select Cruise motors, throttles and Power 48-5000 batteries. All products marked TorqLink will communicate seamlessly at startup. A TorqLink Gateway (2217-00) allows you to include components without TorqLink in your system.


Drive Screen

Speed over ground

Torqeedo TorqLink Throttle Drive Screen


Power Screen

Energy consumption

Torqeedo TorqLink Throttle Power Screen


Range Screen

Energy efficiency and runtime

Torqeedo TorqLink Throttle Range Screen



Charge rate and time to full

Torqeedo TorqLink Throttle Charging Screen


Setting example 1 

Hydrogeneration on/off

Torqeedo TorqLink Throttle Setting Screen


Setting example 2

Screen brightness

Torqeedo TorqLink Throttle Setting Screen 2

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